#1 — Future of Cellular Agriculture in India & more

Food is a necessity

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Have you ever wondered how something as simple as food, could be so complex?

Our basic necessity weaves its way through multiple strata of legislation, soil, society, and technology before it reaches our plates (if we’re lucky).

Food in India, especially, is dynamic and diverse. It’s sometimes impossible to stay updated with all that happens.

In our journey at the Food Innovation Program to learn more about food on a global level, we have been mining the interwebs to collect news about food in tech, science, and policy across India. And we figured it would be great to share important handpicked articles with anyone interested in the Indian food system.

So, meet Edible Issues, a newsletter carrying the week’s most important food news. We’re excited to connect with food innovators and think about the incredible diversity of India’s food system that impacts the way we eat and live. And we couldn’t think of a better platform than this! Here’s the first ever edition of Edible Issues.

Dive right in.

Anusha & Elizabeth

The future of cellular agriculture
Daily Pioneer

Cow free milk and tissue engineered meats were the highlight of this year’s workshop hosted by Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) on “Future of Life on Earth — Role of Disruptive Technologies”. Smt. Maneka Gandhi, Minister for Women & Child Development, a strong advocate for animal rights encouraged cellular agriculture. Although environmental benefits are immense the reactions from religious and social groups could determine these products hitting our supermarket shelves.

Make food tech in India great again

Yourstory Swiggy, the Indian food delivery startup is on a serious mission to change the way India eats. With the recent funding from Naspers and Meituan, Swiggy plans to introduce new products and expand their supply chain division.

Brace yourselves for the price rise

Foundation for Agrarian Studies The 2018 budget meant a lot of things for different sectors, but especially for agriculture. With Jaitley promising to raise the minimum support prices for agricultural commodities, how does it look for the rest of India?

More lentils for India

Reliefweb The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) has developed improved seed varieties to increase production capacity of lentils, peas and grasses. ICARDA is also focussing on training programs emphasizing on women in farming.

The spotlight is on millets

Economic Times Karnataka has been buzzing with millets since the organic millet expo this January. From millet risotto to a chocolate cake these “forgotten” grains are gaining momentum in restaurant kitchens. Will they remain an exclusivity or go back to being the staple in our diets as they were 30 years ago?

When social conscience meets innovation, it transcends humanity

Civil Eats The 4000 year-old turmeric is making a comeback like never before. Right from lattes to grain bowls to cold-pressed juices it’s everywhere and some people are going even as far as injecting it. This 24-year old queer girl, right in the middle of it all, is trying to make turmeric trading transparent and pesticide-free by working with farms in India. What’s more? She’s supporting women and queer people of colour by employing them.

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