#5 — #KisanLongMarch, Maggi and more.


With Indian food getting more spotlight in cities like NYC, the irony of farmers struggling to get their square meals is hard to ignore.

Recently, farmers in Mumbai went on a 180km long march to protest against the loan waivers and demanded a better price for their produce. Although the farmers’ distress isn’t new, it still continues to haunt the agriculture sector.

The Indian Government is investing Rs.50 billion in the FCI, bailing it from debt, which will hopefully improve price support for farmers in the process. In some parts of India, Israeli technology is helping farmers better their yield. The past few months have seen policies to reduce agricultural stress.

But policies stay policies if political ramifications inhibit progress.

Stay hopeful,

Anusha and Elizabeth

Fruitful Partnerships
The Print
The Indo-Israel Agriculture Project has seen promising growth over the last decade with 23 centres and increasing investment in knowledge and technology in post-harvest solutions, improving irrigation and recycled water usage.


First Post
More than 30,000 farmers marched 180km to Azad Maidan in Mumbai to speak out their demands on farm loan waivers, profitable prices for agricultural produce and rights to forest land.


Business Standard
The FSSAI says that India is developing a palate for Japanese food products. To encourage import, MoU’s have been signed on food processing, cold chain storage, and phytosanitary certification of marine products.

Bailing out the Public Distribution System

Business Standard The government will invest Rs. 50 billion in the Food Corporation of India in the next 2 years. The FCI is responsible for procurement and distribution of food-grains, price support to farmers, and regulating market prices for consumers.

Spicing up Indian Cuisine

New York Times
New York City is buzzing with casual-hip Indian restaurants. Is this trend a new approach to the concept of Indian food abroad and back home?

Maggi Maggi Maggi

Afaqs As Maggi turns 35, they celebrate with series of webcasts with food influencers, Rocky and Mayur, exploring factories and the science behind Maggi, thus encouraging transparency among consumers.

Centre for Innovation

Inc 42 Foodpanda announces the launch of a technology centre in Bangalore to encourage innovation and cross-pollination of talent in food technology in India.

Growing Waste

Better India
The small city of Madurai is enforcing new laws to transition into a circular economy through efficient waste management. Hotels will receive vegetables grown in their own composted waste.

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Originally published at tinyletter.com/edibleissues on March 15, 2018.