#9 — #KnowYourDesiVegetables, Japanese Crabs And More


This week at Food Innovation Program, we kicked off the launch of our Food Innovation Global Mission, a 60-day tour to study and document the Future of Food. This tour takes us around the world where we get to interview companies and the people behind them, meet food heroes, participate in innovation projects, study food trends and eat a lot of food.

And these are the countries we’ll be visiting.

Know some one we should meet or talk to in any of these countries? 
Write to us on edibleissues@gmail.com

Bonus: We also got the incredible opportunity to visit Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome where we discussed about the Global Mission. We touched upon topics like Food for Cities, UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, food security, nutrition and many such. It was a surreal experience.

We have some interesting stuff lined up for Edible Issues during our Global Mission and can’t wait to share it with you. Until then, dive into this week’s issue!

Stay Curious,
Anusha and Elizabeth

Photo by Boglárka Mázsi on Unsplash

The Sundarbans meet Japan’s crab cravings
Source: India Climate Dialogue

Global supply chains are deeply influencing the way we produce food. The increasing salinity of the Sundarbans makes it impossible to grow paddy anymore. Japan’s demand for mud crabs makes it possible to migrate to new forms of livelihood. But it is still unknown how this shift might play a role in the Sundarban food environment.

Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash

Bringing back the flavours of India
Source: The Economic Times

Kachnar, Lasode, Mahua, Khirni — The conversation is growing about seasonality of indigenous Indian fruits and vegetables; and it’s about time you joined in!

Photo by @Shot-through-the-heart on Unsplash

Reconstructing MSP can change the way we eat
Source: UCLA Anderson Review

Prashant Chintapalli and Christopher Tang discuss how offering Minimum Support Price towards a variety of crops can give better prices to farmers, better crop quality and food choices for the end user.

Some More News:

  • Sanjay Patil advocates for a region-specific cropping system to encourage crop yields, farmer income and better nutritional food systems. The way forward — combining traditional knowledge with science and technology.
  • Amazon is “exporting” its Easy Ship and “I Have A Space” initiatives that were conceived in India. These logistic innovations involve local entrepreneurs tapping into neighbourhood grocers and corner stores.
  • Shashi Tharoor encourages other politicians to look beyond increasing food availability and into the nutrition and quality of food instead.
  • Kashmiri farmers successfully innovate to harvest rain and surface water and combat record breaking drought.
  • Neev Fund has invested in Leap India Food to develop modern silos with low levels of capital investment.
  • IKEA talks food, waste and sustainability as it prepares to launch its first store in India.

Originally published at mailchi.mp on April 12th, 2018