#11 — Farm to fork startups, food safety & more.


The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare tweeted out an image, (now deleted) which appeared like it promoted a plant-based diet. And the Indian internet went berserk.

It wasn’t surprising to see all the rage about “vegetarianism” pour in.

Vegetarianism has always been a political weapon in India, and has said to even influence elections.

While the world has flexitarians, pescatarians etc. India is the land of some unique types including curry-only-vegetarians, eggs-in-cake-only vegetarians, ghar-mein-hi-non-veg vegetarians. It’s not just binary anymore, but more like a complex spectrum.

A vegetarian diet although definitely easy on the planet, mightn’t necessarily be healthy for your body.

Rather than advocating for a no-meat diet, shifting consumers towards a more sustainable diet, would be a good start.

Meanwhile, chew on this week’s issue.

Stay sustainable,
Anusha and Elizabeth

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Gastrotope Partners With Andhra Pradesh Govt To Invest $10 Mn in farm to fork startups
Inc 42

Visakhapatnam is in the midst of becoming a farm to fork hub, thanks to the recent investment from Andhra Pradesh Government and Gastrotrope.

Source: Unsplash

Food safety needs a collaborative approach

Cargill’s chairman discusses the need for an innovative food safety and security standards, keeping in mind the quality conscious Indian consumer and the local origin of food.

Source: Pxhere

Making Products With Crop Waste Could Improve India’s Air and Water
City Lab

Bio-lutions is tackling two major environmental issues with one solution: Biodegradable alternative to plastic packaging and utilising crop waste.


  • Businesses are increasingly using health and nutritional claims to sell their products, as regulatory challenges pop up.
  • Forest policies desperately need a revisit in terms of gender inclusion, so women get their due share of recognition.
  • Better food processing might help farmers fetch better prices for the produce and minimize food waste.
  • Protein deficiency is a serious problem in India, so Indians should get protein from any available source.
  • Indigram Labs Foundation wants to incubate ~100 Agri-Entrepreneurs In the next 5 Years.
  • Replicating a viable value chain like milk for fresh fruits and vegetables could be India’s answers to food/crop losses.

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