#15 — #KeralaFloods, Intelligent Farming & more

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Mother Nature’s wrath knows no boundaries. If it’s heatwaves in some parts of the world, it’s torrential rains in others.

Kerala was hit by the worst floods in over a century, the past week. With severe damage across the state and rescue pouring in from all over the world, flash flooding is one of the main reasons behind this catastrophe.

However, some hate-mongers pegged Kerala’s beef eating habits as the reason behind the flooding.

But there are also heartwarming stories of Langar sewa volunteers coming together and feeding the affected. Donations in supplies by FMCGs is worth a mention.

If you would like to volunteer or make a donation, head here: Kerala Rescue

Meanwhile, dive into this week’s issue.

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Source: Business Standard

Custom-hiring, leasing may open new avenues for precision farming in India

Business Standard

Precision farming helps agriculture become more accurate and controlled. But the high costs are a deterrent, especially for small-scale farmers. 

Time to get creative

Source: India Climate Dialogue

Walking along the Ken

India Climate Dialogue

Read this fascinating multimedia report on the communities around the Ken river and how the linking project is important to them. 

Come, walk with me


Why success in food-tech is about mastering logistics. Read more.

How does the future look like, for sustainable smallholder farms?

Costly nutritious food is driving up malnutrition in India.

In Memory of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee:
Atal Bihari Vajpayee — The Foodie

Kisan Cards — Vajpayee’s Rural Push

📣Attention Hyderabad
Good Food Institute — India, Centre for Cellular Molecular Biology, and Humane Society International — India are co-hosting an event on the “Future of Protein”. Don’t miss this if you’re curious to learn more about the plant-based and clean meat revolution. RSVP here.


Something we’re jealous of:

Follow Chef Thomas Zacharias’s food trail around Tamil Nadu — it’s not just Idli, Dosa and Sambar.

Something we loved:
Read this fascinating piece on The Ken about people and what’s in their refrigerators — Show me your fridge and I’ll tell you who you are.

Something we’re looking forward to:
Mandala wants to invest $300mn in agri-businesses that aren’t just B2C, across India and South-East Asia — Bring in the money

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