#16 — MADness, Slow Food & the growing Indian Organic market


This week 600 people from the food industry in 58 countries came together under one big red tent, to discuss food issues inside and out of the kitchen. 

MAD (meaning food in Danish) is a Symposium held in Copenhagen, Denmark bringing together chefs, artists, restaurateurs, academics, farmers, thinkers and everyone else interested in the world of food.

The theme this year was “Mind the Gap” which probed barriers that prevent industry folk from achieving meaningful and sustainable lives in the food community.

And I (Elizabeth) was more than excited to be there as a volunteer.

Talks revolved around the #MeToo movement and harassment in the kitchen, changing business models to be more inclusive and being environmentally conscious.

Some speakers were Dan Giusti who spoke about his experiences moving out of the noma kitchen and into another one to cook school meals for kids, Arthur Karuletwa emphasized on how the identities of people who make our food are extremely important for us to know and understand. Romy Gill spoke on cultural appropriation and that Indian food does not equal hot spicy curry.

My questions after this week have been: how are we in the indian food industry influenced and how do we act to create a better food community? Where do you draw inspiration from and how do you deal with harassment? What are your feelings towards the industry and what barriers stop you from growing as a cook, server, chef, restaurateur, hotelier etc.?

We want to know. Write to us, we would love to hear your thoughts. Meanwhile, here’s this week’s important news from the Indian Food System.

Stay Hopeful,
Elizabeth and Anusha

Source: Slow Food

“From fighting with guns to fighting with forks”

Slow Food
India’s first slow-food community started in Nagaland recently. This initiative in culturally rich Nagaland is hopeful for more than one reason. Food for Peace

Source: Unsplash

How the Organic Food Industry is Witnessing a Natural Growth

With more Indians caring about healthy eating and living, the market for organic produce has been multiplying. Looks like it’s here to stay.
This button is vegan, gluten-free, organic & naturally chemical-free.


For the first time, India develops an index for sustainable agriculture. Here’s more.

Does India really need a La Tomatina festival? The short answer is Uh..No!

Rising CO2 levels might strip nutrition from India’s grains, making India face malnutrition. But mutant rice varieties might help food security.

Meet the Indian filmmaker who made his Dad’s Village Cooking a Youtube Sensation New Yorker


Something heartwarming:
This picture of the Sports Minister serving food to players has been winning hearts and is an optimistic signal for the future of athletes in India.

Something that made us chuckle:
This Indian coffee chain had a similar name & logo to coffee chain giant Starbucks. They thought it was “grounds” for a lawsuit.

Something that’s still a distant dream:
Indian Civil Aviation ministry recently said No to drones that deliver food.

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