#17 — Food Waste, Zomato’s Sustainable Initiatives and More

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6th September 2018,


“India wastes as much food as UK consumes” — is a ludicrous but sadly true statistic.

“When in doubt, throw it out”, is a common echo around the world. But not all food waste is created equal.

In India, which ranks 63 out of 88 in the global hunger index, we waste 40% of the food produced — which spans across losses in the entire food value chain (agriculture to consumption).

Not to mention inflation which is also a major cause for concern.

When was the last time you threw away perfectly fine food? How often do you ambitiously shop for groceries, only to let them rot? And how mindful are you of your packaging choices?

Dive in to this week’s issue to read more this week’s happenings, especially the section on food waste, and while you’re at it finish what’s on your plate, Okay?

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“Cracking the Bread-Wheat Genome”

The Ken

18 Indian scientists were among the 200 researchers from 20 different countries — discovering the 107,891 genes (five times more than humans) and a genome 40 times more complex than rice.

Breaking Bread

Source: YourStory

Zomato Delivering Some Sustainable Practices

Your Story

Zomato will start offering consumers the opportunity to chose if they want plastic cutlery, work with restaurants to package efficiently, and create better delivery routes to reduce fuel consumption.

Delivering Sustainability



  • Bangalore to Beijing: Comparing Ag-tech and food tech and what the future might hold for Asia’s tech giants.
  • Vani Kola gives her opinion on Agri-Tech that could enable a new green revolution



  • RUCO!! Repurpose Used Cooking Oil (RUCO) is an app that enable the collection and conversion of used cooking oil to biodiesel.
  • FoodNav Asia’s view on FSSAI’s ambitious new policies.


The second edition of the Food Track by Maersk is here. If you are a food startup focusing on reducing food loss across the value chain, apply here.

The second edition of the Food Track by Maersk is here. If you are a food startup focusing on reducing food loss across the value chain, apply here.


Something that bugs us:
While an interesting read in the Goya Journal makes us understand the benefits and traditions of insects in our diets finding caterpillars in a vegetable biryani at Ikea is not what we’re talking about🐛

Something that worries us:
Prices of tomatoes plunged from Rs. 100 to Rs. 2 in wholesale markets across the country.

Something that made us go WTF!?!:
The Swadeshi Jagran Manch opposes food fortification as they consider fortification against the cultural beliefs and practices of vegetarians.

Future Food Heroes: How can millenials change our food system?
Read this article by our classmate Jùlia Dalmadi, and don’t miss the shout out to Edible Issues 😉

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