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13th September 2018,


Last weekend, we were in a discussion curated by Navdanya International which aims to improve the food system by growing and eating nutritious and safe food. The idea was to present the Food for Health Manifesto, which as a tool could help to increase diversity not just in our ecological food systems but also in our gut microbiome, thus linking healthy human bodies to a healthy environment.

In India we are fortunate to have to have a rich agricultural landscape. It is motivating to see farmers, chefs, and scientists work on ways to bring back this diversity in the way we grow and eat food.

This lovely poem on “mahua” reminds us of the complexities of our food (social/political) and the pride & respect we ought to have. Diversity is our privilege.

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Anusha and Elizabeth

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Assam village become trailblazers in adaptive agriculture

Village Square

This Assamese village is spreading innovative agriculture, in its fight against floods and droughts made worse by climate change.

Fight against climate change

Source: Forbes

Swiggy launches sustainable food packaging marketplace


Swiggy Packaging Assist wants to provide its partnering restaurants with sustainable, eco-friendly and food-grade material for packaging.

Small steps towards Sustainability


Meet some fish farms that will produce 2/3rds of India’s fish by 2030 and also meet Ravichandran is hoping to bring back some native freshwater fish speciesin his little organic farm.

Grofers is partnering with small local businesses to ensure last mile delivery.

Innovations in climate smart agriculture might be prosperous for South Asian farmers. Here’s more on that.

International food giant Cargill is changing the way it does business.

The truth behind genetically modified food imports in India.

We’re going to be at the Terra Madre this year. What sessions look interesting and promising to you? Do share your stories of #foodforchange!


Something inspiring:
The man who developed rich rice for the poor.

Something scrumptious:
This city’s street food has been declared as India’s First Clean Street Food Hub!

Something sad:
Nutritiously rich fruits and vegetables have been disappearing from our food basket.

Something tipsy:
How this alcohol brand is going above and beyond with its marketing strategyto create a fan base of millennials.

Something homemade, but not at home:
Business travelers are now increasingly requesting home-style food in five-star hotels.

Check out this report on Fixing Asia’s food system.

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First Published on 13th September 2018