#21:  Gandhi, Patanjali, Denmark and more



Millets are India’s best bet to diversify nutrition sources. They’re economic, less resource intensive, climate change friendly and nutritious which makes them India’s current grain muse.

From the launch of the “Millet Mission” to 2018 being declared the Year of Millets, the Government has been taking many steps to promote millets.

Millet revolution might be the next green revolution, but there’s a risk of running into the problem that triggered this in the first place: *Diversification*.

Millets are indeed important sources of nutrition to sustain ourselves, but we still need rice, wheat from other sustainable sources.

Treating millets as the miracle superfood, could perpetuate a cycle of intensive farming and industrialized millets to capitalize on this trend. Moreover, not all climatic conditions are optimum for growing millets in India.

It’s important to keep in mind that there’s no one silver bullet solution to this. Meanwhile, here’s this week’s news happenings.

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Gandhi’s Food for Soul: The Better India

The father of the nation’s view on vegetarianism, veganism, and dinner parties with “lentil soup, boiled rice and large raisins!”

Source: Unsplash

Smart Farms vs Dumb Subsidies: Indian Express

Looking forward at the best ways to blend agri-tech, R&D, investments, subsidies and policy to support farmers and build-up agriculture in India



  • Nik Sharma, breaks away from tradition in his cookbook, “Season,” telling his story as a gay immigrant reconciling his past and present.




  • Food delivery start-ups serving “nutritious” meals are giving Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats and Foodpanda some healthy competition.
  • Swiggy goes corporate— will these cafeterias redefine the lunch break?


  • The Indian government is looking to Denmark to help industries reduce their food waste.
  • Up-cycled Buns: Breweries are taking responsibility for their spent grain.


Patanjali toh aaj kal sab kuch bana raha hai.
The Ken


Something for the future:
Here’s how technology can sustainably shape the future of food

Some food for thought:
What’s your opinion on politicising food?

Something worrying:
Separate seats for vegetarians and non-vegetarians on trains

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Published on 05th October 2018