#22: How to win at food retail, climate change stories and more

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This week, scientists have told us that we are heading towards a 3°C rise in climate and have given us the final call to act.

We all have individual stories and we need to club those with the facts

Food and its role in the climate change dialogue is important. But how can we communicate the seriousness of the issue effectively?

Telling the stories of the farmers in the Sundarbans who have switched over from paddy farming to mud crab cultivation because of the increasing salinity of water clubbed with some science of mangroves being effected by climate change is more powerful than research papers and facts by themselves.

The conversation needs to change, for it is our food and future that’s at stake.

Stay cool (and tell a powerful story),
Elizabeth and Anusha

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Here is why improved forecasts are not helping prevent floods and droughts

Source: Vigyan Prasar

Despite being forecasted accurately, the lack of translation of heavy rainfall and flood warnings to actionable information is hurting us.

Source: Counter Currents

Food, Justice, Violence and Capitalism

Source: Counter Currents

A movement towards a more just food system, food activists are at the core of the struggle for peace, equality and justice.







The Seed Tour is coming to INDIA!

Seed traveller Auriane Bertrand is taking a one-year trip to meet those who stand for farmers’ seeds in 5 countries : Mexico, Cuba, Senegal, France and India.

Few type of seeds are used to grow our food, compared to the varieties of what we could eat. We are losing biodiversity, nutritional quality and farmers are financially dependent on the seed industry. The Seed Tour showcases ideas and solutions to promote the use of farmers seeds in our agriculture.

Follow the seed tour on Instagram, check out some sounds, and write in to auriane@seedtour.org if you have some recommendations for India.


Someone’s cooking up a storm:
Meet the young and hungry food-preneurs changing the restaurant industry, one dish at a time.

Food Retail FTW:
Here’s how to win in food retail in an ever-evolving world.

Something you can’t ignore: The next big restaurant chain may not own any kitchens.

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