#23: Eating millet pasta, ordered on Amazon in the southern village of Madikere…

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This week, we were at FAO, Rome as part of the World Food Day 2018. We presented our research from the global mission in front of a closed audience from FAO and GFAR.

Here’s what we spoke about the Future of Food. Being at FAO on the World Food Day, however, was a real surreal experience.

“Our actions are our future” was this year’s WFD theme.

Often we feel that changing something is far-fetched and out of our control. But something as simple as our everyday food choices can shape our food future tomorrow.

Bringing to light more such edible issues and working towards them is how we’re approaching this.

What about you?

Stay hungry, stay curious.
Anusha & Elizabeth

Agriculture: a $40bn Market for Clean Energy

PV Magazine

Clean energy-powered, energy-efficient machines could help meet demand and significantly boost four million rural micro-enterprises.

Community Fridges Fighting Food Waste

Down To Earth

This frugal innovation is not only helping to reduce food waste but also ensuring the food reaches people in need.


“In the 1980s and 1990s, going out to eat meant going to a Chinese restaurant,” Indian-chinese food has a special place at our table.

Poshan Abhiyan and the potential towards better nutrition, agriculture and climate

Swastha Bharat Yatra launched by the FSSAI to promote safe and healthy food.

Tomio Shichiri’s opinion on how India can overcome the zero hunger challenge

As farm sizes are shrinking better employment opportunities and infrastructure is need to get out of the farm-crisis.


Someone’s cooking pasta, and its from millet:
Italy take note, Indian scientists are making pasta from pearl millet (bajra) with higher protein, fat and mineral content.

Someone’s in the soup, yes it’s Modi:
Crashing of food prices would increase the burden on the government to compensate farmers that could result in missing budget goals

Someone’s online, and they are not just playing farmville:
India’s first agri and food business online learning platform, SRiX Agri-Business Academy where entrepreneurs and startups can learn best practices in agri-business from around the world.

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