#25:  Edible25, Bio-fuels, Chai-Pakora and More


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How time flies!

Just yesterday feels like Week 1 of Edible Issues, with us confused and trying to make sense of all that we were learning about the Indian food system.

25 weeks (and more) later, we’re the same, except we’re a little less confused and more driven, because of you.

Thanks to each and every one of you reading Edible Issues and pushing us to go forward. Thanks for all the feedback and love that you’ve given us (looking straight at our classmates), we couldn’t have gotten this far without you.

With Edible Issue #25, we have decided to start something special.

We’re sharing the stories of 25 unique people of food in India who are making a small difference in their own way.

Expect these stories from us starting next week on our Medium publication and please write to us if you have any suggestions for people we must interview.

Happy 25 and more to come!

Anusha and Elizabeth

Source: India Science Wire

Delhi smog: Don’t burn that crop residue; make some paper instead! — India Science Wire

Ankur Kumar, Kanika Prajapat and Pracheer Dutta founded Kriya Labs to convert agro-waste into paper, fabrics, bio-ethanol and tableware.

Source: @Amul_Coop

Opinion: A true tribute to Sardar Patel — The Indian Express

A recollection of Patel’s contribution in creating lucrative markets for Indian dairy farmers and how the government is paying tribute by building statues instead of structural reforms.


Cafe Coffee Day and UberEats join forces to create possibly the world’s largest chain restaurants.

Pepsi’s agriculture programs now support 24,000 farmers across 14 states to grow potatoes, rice, corn and citrus.

Take a look at this transgenic rice that can grow under high salinity and drought.

A panel in Delhi discussed how more quality and localisation of agriculture in India could meet the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

 Online food delivery would increase by 30% yearly from 2017 to 2022, Here is NASSCOM’s list of ones to watch for 2019.

The Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) is an online platform which aims to shift mindsets and inspire action towards a circular economy.
Neeraj Monga leads the conversation on agriculture and blockchain on Nov 7th at 4.30 PM IST.

Check it out!


Somethings brewing in India’s tea market
Invenmi’s BRIN, premium ready-to-drink teas, freshly brewed and smartly sweetened are getting heavy investments. As the tea market expands toward attractive packaging and health-focused brews we may want to re-read our tea leaves.

From pakoras to politics of a carbon-free environment
Shiva Vig of Bio D is developing an eco-system to convert used cooking oil into biofuel. Here he talks of the politics, practicalities and an Indian mindset towards developing long-term solutions for renewable energy.

FYI: Pakoras are a deep-fried snack. Best eaten indoors on a rainy day with a hot cup of chai. Here are some recipes and well, chai, it simply means tea.

For a more informative read here’s Madhura Rao’s piece “The Story of Chai — Part III: A Colonial Ploy Becomes Independent India’s Sweetheart

Chai often brings about many emotions and Padma Laxmi’s tweet this week indeed landed her in some hot soup — or let’s say, hot chai perhaps.

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