#26:  College Curries, Sustainabili-tea and more



Do you know that feeling when you have a lot of things going on at the same time and you don’t know where to start?

It’s out last month here at the Food Innovation Program and we’ve got some serious FOMO.

Food can be overwhelming as well. Whether it’s staying updated in your food field, shopping at the supermarket or deciding what to eat at a restaurant — it can sometimes involve a lot of energy. But a great thing about food is that it can do just the opposite.

By taking a few minutes to pause, thinking about the food in front of you, engaging your senses to enjoy that memorable smell or delicious flavour. Enjoying every moment that food has brought people together or satisfied a personal craving.

Food can be meditation in itself — take a listen

Stay energised,

Elizabeth and Anusha

Source: College Curries

College Curries: Mistress of Spice Blends — 
Edible Issues

We met Nils the founder of College Curries at Terra Madre this year. Check out how he is creating value for the creators of traditional recipes.

Source: Unsplash

The World’s First Carbon Neutral Certified Tea Estate and it’s here in Assam! — Devex

Not just good for the planet but the proliferation of smallholder tea farmers has had positive benefits for rural populations


A2 casein is high in indigenous breeds of India as compared to that of exotic, indicating an opportunity for Indian dairy industry to explore.

Mumbai Airport’s “dustbin analysis” help them save 1.2 crores/year.

Wild Blood fruit — natural and nutritious dye could now be domesticated, no longer a threat to its extinction..

Chef Ranveer Brar Is The New Champion Of Indian Textile And Sustainability

Annapurna and Navneet Sharma on conquering hunger and the battle for the right to food in India

As cinema in India takes new turns, so does the depiction of food.
Read More on the countless Indian films celebrating food.


Someone is being sustainable:
Chefs and restaurants are looking at new ways to be environmentally conscious and reduce food waste.

Someones eating gluten free bananas:
Greennendram podihas (banana flour) been under our noses all this while, but it took the gluten-free movement to get us to notice its value.

Someone can tell which restaurant gave you food poisoning :
Google could soon start combining common search terms relating to food poisoning with location history data to identify which restaurants should be avoided.

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