#30:  On Moving forward and beyond

Hi there, Guess what?! We just graduated 🎉

This issue will be the last one from here in Italy. Fret not, this is not the end, but just the beginning. We head back home with ideas to be realised and stories to be told.

The past year has been an observatory one. We have been looking through the glass and now in the coming year, we are ready to dive straight in. We are on a discovery mission and we are thrilled and all fueled up to start getting sh*t done.

In the meantime,

Stay woke and Buon Natale,
Anusha and Elizabeth

Source: The Hindu

Passion fruit is the new favourite for Kerala fruit farmers: The Hindu

Farmers in Kerala are cultivating passion fruit, thanks to its nutritional and medicinal value and a long shelf life.

Source: Giphy

Farmers march in Delhi and the agricultural crisis: Scroll

A compilation of dialogue from farmers across the country, marching to the Parliament, seeking answers.


💪Food Sovereignty
What needs to change in the quest for food sovereignty? This book looks for answers.

🏍Food Delivery
The video of this Indian delivery man eating the food sparks sympathy. On a completely unrelated note😉, Zomato recently acquired this drone delivery startup.

🍛Food Startup
With this new accelerator from Sodexo for food-service startups and this new launchpad from Rebel Foods for food brands, it’s a great time to be a food startup in India.

This infographic takes a closer look at the realities of what India grows and what it consumes, and what it should consume. Check out the full infographic here.


What I hear when you tell me my food is strong smelling
Madhura Rao writes (and sums up all our feelings) about the cultural appropriation of Indian food, with her anecdotes.

Adivasis and Araku Valley Coffee
The prize-winning coffee and a day in the life of the farmers behind it.

Pink Salt and Millennials
The pink salt doesn’t taste different or isn’t necessarily healthier (it is pretty though). How did it take over the modern kitchens?

Where art and agriculture meet
This new project from Chenkal panchayat wants to revive the traditions of folk theatre and farming, together.

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