#33 — Accessible nutrition, Indian women in food making us proud, and more


This “invention” has been doing the rounds across social media recently. These sustainable practices have however been a way of life in many parts of the world, especially Asia.

Right from giving multiple lives to household items or wasting less food, staying frugal has been the cultural norm.

That said, giving old practices new terms and spinning them off as inventions, is perhaps how the cycle of innovation works. 🤷‍♀️

While we’re at it, dive into this week’s issue.

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Making Nutrition more Accessible

India’s nutrition program might be leaving out women with low education and from poorest households inadvertently. But it’s not just us, the global scientific eating plan is also said to have forgotten the world’s poor.

Healthy Eating for All

Source: Wikimedia Commons

India’s Love for Alternative Proteins

India is more eager than the US for lab-grown meat. It’s not just that, we’re also developing a taste for “meatless meat”.

Meet Meatless Meat

Source: Left (Garima Arora)- The Goya Journal
Right (Divya Karnad) — The Better India

Indian Women in Food, making us proud

👩‍🍳Goya Journal’s Aysha Tanya talks to Garima Arora, Michelin star-winning chef of Gaa. Read More.

👩‍🔬This Award-winning scientist tells us how to eat fish more responsibly. Read More.


🍳From Delivery to Ready-to-Cook?
Food Delivery companies are also looking at a share of the pie from ready to cook startups. 
-Swiggy invests in ready-to-cook startup Fingerlix
Oyo might acquire Fresh Menu.

🤖Cooking Tech
– With its recent round of funding, Nymble wants to develop its domestic cooking robot “Julia” to make home cooking easier. 
– Inside the functioning of a cloud kitchen. (Subscription required).

🌾🍴Zomato’s Farm to Fork Quest:
– Zomato opens a massive 30000 sqft warehouse in Bengaluru for its produce supply brand, Hyperpure.
– A deep-dive into Zomato’s golden loyalty program.

– The promise of Delhi’s draft policy on food wastage at social functions. 
– Crop residue burning might be more expensive than we think.

UNIDO ITPO is looking for innovative ideas and technologies in agribusinesses which when implemented in developing countries can lead to social, economic and environmental improvements in developing countries.
Here’s more about this contest.

Culture is Key

A Passage to Deliciousness
This community’s cultural and culinary identity travels strongly from Cochin to Central Israel. (Free sign-up required)

Sorpotel Runs in the Blood of Every Goan
About Sorpotel, the dish that reflects the unique Goan identity, shaped by years of colonial rule.

Cooking with Leaves
In this beautifully written (and illustrated) story, Priyadarshini Chatterjee talks about how every Indian state cooks differently with leaves.

Adyar Ananda Bhavan: Food and Folklore
Tracing this iconic food brand’s journey over three decades.

Inspiration from Nature:
Inspired by the pomelo, engineers are modeling a superior, shock-absorbent foam.

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