Will you join us in reversing climate change (and have fun)? 🌏⚡

Hello there,

It’s not every day that we come across a concrete way to work towards
major problems that’ll have an impact.

Especially ones like global warming that seem so far away from our

Drawdown recently announced an EcoChallenge for citizens to take
action towards the 100 most effective solutions towards climate change.
And we’re pumped!

But first, what is Drawdown?

Drawdown is the *most comprehensive* (and most awesome) plan
proposed to reverse climate change. The solutions range across various
verticals from Electricity Generation, Transport, to Women
Empowerment and of course Food! It’s the work of a community of
experts who work tirelessly to review and validate this. Here’s more
about Drawdown and the book.  

The EcoChallenge is a fun way to take action on the most concrete
solutions. Earn points as a team and compete for prizes with teams
across the globe.

So, what now?

We here are Edible Issues, are taking up the challenge to relook at our
food habits and learn more about how food can be one of the keys to
reverse climate change. 

Over the course of this challenge, we’ll be exploring the connection
between food and climate change, taking part in the challenge, speaking
to experts in India and sharing what we’ve found with you.

Join our team on Edible Issues and we’ll send you resources that can be
used to participate in the challenges. And we can have fun together!

How do I be a part of this?

Step 1: Sign up for the challenge and Join Team Edible Issues – 
Here’s an invitation link.

Step 2: Share this with as many people as you can. 

Step 3: Stay tuned. Watch out for social media and email updates. 

Sign up here