Supporting the Local Food System with Anil and Srivatsa

What does supporting the local food system have to do with reversing climate change? A lot! Lowering carbon emissions, creating lucrative markets for farmers, restoring the land and soil, reviving biodiversity and so much more!

 Anil and Srivatsa are the founders of Jivabhumi a community supported agriculture initiative that brings together farming communities and conscious consumers.  Now they are closing the gap between business, farmers and consumers by integrating traditional farming methods with blockchain technology through a traceability system called foodprint

Listen in as we talk about their impact and understand basic concepts such as what local means in a diverse country like India.

Getting involved as a community through the way we buy, eat and grow food. In a well-functioning community food system, the food production, processing, distribution, consumption and post-consumer waste disposal are all integrated to enhance the environmental, economic, social and nutritional health of a particular place and its inhabitants.

So, as Anil and Srivatsa say, let’s start by taking the first steps and asking those questions.