Recap: Drawdown Eco-challenge; A small step towards reversing climate change🌏

Hey there,

With around 14,000 participants from across the world coming together to fight climate change, the Drawdown Eco-challenge came to an end yesterday.

For us, it started off as a way to make a more conscious effort towards reversing climate change!

We have a long long way to go towards that, but we’re proud of how far we’ve come.

Here’s the impact Team Edible Issues has collectively created.

Throughout the challenge, we had an incredible opportunity to speak to many experts in their respective fields who are working towards reversing climate change. Do check out the resources section to read these interviews.


Silvopasture is one of the identified solutions to reverse climate change and restore ecological balance. Here’s a brief about what it means and its impact.Learn more.

Jivabhumi is connecting businesses, farmers and consumers by integrating traditional farming with blockchain technology through a traceability system called “foodprint”.Read more.

Fiona, the director of Ishka Farms to teach us a thing or two and tell us more about the work she is doing not just to regenerate the soil but rebuild communities as well.Read more.

Composting is solution #60 on Project Drawdown and we seek some homegrown inspiration from Poonam Bir Kasturi the founder of Daily Dump in Bangalore.Learn more.

Plant-rich diets are one of the most impactful solutions to reversing global warming. Where does India stand in this planet-forward movement? Read more