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This past week, we’ve been mulling over a question: what is local and what is not?

This question applies more to India as she’s caught between waves of rapid modernisation and traditional practices.

In her recent book “Food Routes”, Robyn Metcalfe talks about how, climate, cost of land and labour, an abundance of resources and transportation networks should decide our food source.

While a lot of ingredients that weren’t native to India were brought here thanks to our rich colonial past and have long become part of our culinary traditions, what is local?

If potatoes are here, can avocados be far behind?

If you do have thoughts on this (local or not), write to us.

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To Save India’s Camel Culture, a New Dairy Is Selling Milk and Cream Cheese

Atlas Obscura

The Raika community in Rajasthan is turning to cheese making and other innovative measures to save the camels and the community.

Nacho usual cheese

Credit: The Ken

The future of meat in India

The Ken

How long will some of the scientific innovations in meat take to reach the Indian market and how will India take to it? Read this deep dive on the future of meat.

A meat-ing point

New Govt. Who dis?

With the newly formed Government, what happens to food, agriculture and waste management? Here’s a look at some opinions:

🍽This is what the F&B industry expects from the Government.

🚜There are some steep promises to fulfil, like doubling farmers’ income by 2022.

🗑Is waste on the Government’s mind?

Eat Food. All the Time. Mostly Junk.

A look inside the fast food revolution.

Taco Bell’s grand Indian expansion plan with masala tikka burritos

Sustainability Spotlight

Change begins with what you eat
Consider the soil, the region’s biodiversity and our tradition before making food choices, this World Biodiversity Day.

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In a unique public-private partnership called the Naga coffee, 5 districts in Nagaland are cultivating coffee and being exported outside of India.

These biodegradable plates are making a splash
Santhosh Mary’s plates made of palm leaves are being shipped to Germany and Canada, in massive numbers.

Can India afford online food orders and takeaways?
The mineral water bottles we order, packaged food we buy and disposable cutlery we use are choking our planet.

Upcycled food waste is worth $46.7B
Food waste is a booming business and converting “trash” to treasure might be a bigger deal than we think.

✨Ramen and Ramadan✨

🇯🇵Chef Zac goes to Japan
In his recent trip to the culinary wonderland, Chef Thomas Zacharias recounts his cultural and culinary highlights.

🌙Ramazan special
Here are some food walks to check out this Ramazan: 
Sehri food walk — Kolkata’s Zakaria street

👩‍🍳Home chefs bring joy
Foodybuddy empowers home chefs by bringing their homemade food to 1000s of people in Bengaluru.

A canal with history, the Bangara Doddi Canal brings water to Mysore from Kaveri. Watch this short video by E.F.I about the canal.

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