#40 — Cannabis Cuisine, California Almonds and More


The wellness culture is a great signal.

We care about what we put in our bodies more than before (in certain pockets) and this is pushing food companies to innovate, keeping health and wellness in mind.

However, the dark side of wellness and clean eating can be sometimes really scary. In this latest NYTimes opinion piece, the author writes about how wellness culture (and diet culture), especially for women, is deep-rooted in social constructs and often have many effects on their mental health.

Nigella’s view on “clean eating” pretty much sums up what we’re feeling:

I despair of the term ‘clean eating’… it necessarily implies that any other form of eating — and consequently the eater of it — is dirty or impure and thus bad.” — Nigella Lawson

Dive into this week’s issue and make sure you eat food that is clean and not necessarily clean food.

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India has gone nuts over California almonds

The Ken

It takes approximately one gallon (3.78 litre) of water to grow one California almond. Yes, just one single almond! It’s more than just the environment. There has been a decline in the local production in the regions of Pulwama and Budgam in Kashmir.

Strong market forces and fat budgets for research of the Almond Board of California leave us thinking that we need to munch on more.
This read is a great way to understand the politics of food, of something as simple as almonds and how consumer perceptions alter a crop’s landscape.

In their own nutshell

Credit: The Hindu

Why are Karnataka’s schoolchildren unhappy with the mid-day meal?

The Hindu

Unbalanced, not enough and not tasty might be some of the children’s’ woes. Archana Nathan takes a deep dive into the politics and controversies of the mid-day meal scheme.

What’s with this mid-day mess?

Cannabis Culture

Sir. William Brooke O’Shuaghnessy undertook research in India and subsequently stimulated medical cannabis use and research throughout the West.

In his research from 1842, The Bengal Dispensatory (pages 582–584) provided — among descriptions of hemp plants and hemp-related literature in Sanskrit, Arabic, and Persian — several cannabis recipes detailed enough for an ambitious home chef to attempt today.

Read the full article here.

Take it to the Farmer

Climate Crisis
India’s crops are feeling the heat in a warming world. We could face $7 billion in agricultural losses by 2030, with the incomes of its vast farm workforce on the line. Who’s fixing this and how.

PM Kisan Yojna goes Online
In an effort to kill corruption the government is pushing for online registrations for this scheme that would provide INR 6,000 a year to all the farmers registered.

Vicious Cycles of Illegal Seeds
“Both Monsanto and Bayer had conducted field trials on HTBT cotton between 2007–09 in India. But we don’t know if the currently available seeds belonged to those tests or smuggled from abroad.”

Cold Chain Transforming Lives
The biggest gains have been in new cold storage capacity; last year, the Union Ministry of Food processing reported a near fiftyfold jump in cold storage projects receiving government support.

Fishing for Sustainability
mKRISHI fisheries app not just shows fishermen where to fish but helps them save on diesel (30% less).

Brinc is investing in the future of food.

By 2025, the alternative dairy market will reach $41.1B, increasing at an annual rate of 16.7%. By 2050, it is estimated that alternative proteins will make up one third of the world’s protein consumption.

🐄Daily Doodh🥛

Milk and dairy products in the Indian capital territory of Delhi have been found by local authorities to be the most adulterated food product in the state.

It’s easy on the eye and soft on the tongue. Locals use it primarily for dunking into rich mutton niharis and green pepper salans. Here’s the royal taste of milky bread

🚀Delivery Drones (on)👩‍💻

Zomato Successfully Tests Its First Meal Delivery Drone— Inc42

With Daily Meals And Subscriptions, Swiggy Is Taking On Mumbai’s Famed Dabbawalas— Inc42

With $11 Mn Funding, FreshToHome Ready To Add Mega Fish Farms, Organic Vegetables To Its Basket— Inc42

How startups are changing the way India buys meat— LiveMint

🔨Food Law

Competition Law In India Vis-a-Vis Food Delivery Apps In India (Zomato/ Swiggy/ Foodpanda/ Uber Eats) And Its Impact On Small Restaurants

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