#49 – Junking Junk Food, Digital Dairy, Cannibal Children and More


The last week was quite exciting for us. We were in New Delhi for two power-packed events — Food System Dialogues hosted by Bharat Krishak Samaj and the Future of Protein Summit hosted by the Good Food Institute India.

From afar both these sessions seem to work in different dimensions of the food system but up close these organizations share the same vision — A food system in India that leaves no individual behind through an interdisciplinary collaborative approach.

Takeaway thoughts:
Data: “the existing data is 20 years old!” a panellist exclaimed. And it was unanimous that there are not enough resources to collect and interpret new data.

Silos– There was a lot of conversation about the food system being siloed but ironically these conversations were being had in “silos”.

Ethnographic study: There isn’t enough humanitarian research into food & agriculture to understand why problems happened so we can look forward and frame better policies to shape a better future.

What do you think is crucial to a better food future? Dive into this week’s issue for some perspective.

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The dilemma of drink in India’s tribal areas


Should tribals regularly consuming home-brewed alcohol be let off as a cultural practice, or should it be targeted just like any other unhealthy practice?

Drinking Dilemma

Source: Scroll.in

Indian government’s food security programme will have the same problems as Aadhaar


The One Nation, One Ration Card programme to be launched in June 2020 aims to provide subsidised food to India’s 450 million itinerant workers anywhere in the country.

Feeding One Billion



Around 40 lakh farmers of Madhya Pradesh waiting for PM-Kisan’s first instalment
Data mismatch due to confusion regarding Aadhar card and bank account numbers were found to be the cause in many cases.

Goats, sheep drive India’s livestock numbers
The number of camels, pigs, donkeys, horses, mules, ponies, and indigenous cattle breeds has drastically declined.

The onions must speak
Food entrepreneurs must honestly share information with stakeholders that can help them trace every step of the supply chain. Take, for instance, the journey of an onion from farm to food processing unit to plate.


IIT-Delhi creates vegan egg from plants; mock meat coming soon
The new substance, created by IIT-Delhi, is made from lentils and has the same protein-level, taste and cooking procedure as real eggs.

Google receives a patent from India for technology to monitor food quality
“There are no reliable tools for tracking the environmental aspects of food such as temperature, humidity and others in storage and on a serving line, for the food providers and regulators”, Google said.


Amazon to e-tail Haldiram’s delicacies in the US
The agreement with the e-commerce powerhouse will catapult the Indian snacks major to expand and make inroads in the American market, and discover millions of new buyers.

Amul’s going utterly butterly digital
Amul, a brand almost as old as the nation itself, is gearing up for a phase of growth that includes many of today’s tools of disruption, including apps and eCommerce. The biggest assets, though, continue to be its dairy farmers.


Government issues draft regulation to ban junk food near schools
The draft also prohibits sponsorship from brands selling food and beverages with low nutritional value such as carbonated drinks, chips, pre-cooked packaged noodles, fries etc at sporting, school and other events for children.

Half of India’s adolescents are either short, thin, overweight or obese, says NITI Aayog-UNICEF report
The report says that over 80 per cent of adolescents also suffer from ‘hidden hunger’, i.e. the deficiency of one or more micronutrients such as iron, folate, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

Mukbang — the Korean trend of eating food online that’s taking India by storm. Read more here!

Food Culture

The rise of regional Indian food around the world

A new slew of Indian restaurants abroad are dishing up cuisines from lesser-known regions of the country, pushing aside curry-house stereotypes

Savouring the Taste of Memories in Northern India

Chef Romy Gill explores the foods and culture of Himachal Pradesh, where Punjabi and Tibetan flavours meet.

🤣LOL’s of the Week😂

Eating eggs can turn children into cannibals, says top Madhya Pradesh BJP leader
and other illogical things based on the minister’s logic

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