Best of 2019: Ducks That Swim the Goya Guide to Better Eating and More


2019 was a year of experimentation for us. A lot of firsts, a lot of unchartered territory.

Right from being in a conference full of suit-clad policy makers to speaking at a media arts festival, we really did try to make our voice heard and bring as much perspective into food conversations that happen in India.

We look forward to more impactful and tangible projects this year and a lot of interesting collaborations. (Do drop us a note if you would love to be involved in some way).

As we take a step forward into 2020, find some of our favourite highlights below!

Stay Curious,
Anusha & Elizabeth

Events we hosted

We took our conversations offline this year. We met some interesting new people, shared new perspectives, and made new friends along the way 💓

Discussing Biodiversity & Coffee at Champaca book store with Pranoy Thipaiah from Kerehaklu,
Plant-forward movement in India at The Bombay Canteen

An instagram Live event on World Food Day

Bringing The Centre for Genomic Gastronomy’s Loci Workshop to India at the Eyemyth media festival.

Events we were a part of:

Events we hosted fueled conversations, event we were part of fueled our minds. We met many interesting people from completely different walks of life, all working towards building a better food system in their own ways.

David Nabarro, recipient of The World Food Prize, addressing the participants at The Food Systems Dialogues in Delhi.

Insights from The Future of Protein Conference by The Good Food Institute.
At the first chapter of Food Forward India, an initiative by Chef Garima Arora to rediscover Indian food.

Best of Edible Issues 2019

Here are some of our most favourite picks from 2019. But before that, read the Goya Guide to Better Eating from our friends over at The Goya Journal. 💜

If you read this far, thank you so much for being one of our patrons. As always, we’re looking at 2020 with a whole lot of gusto💫

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