Welcome to the first edition of Edible Issues in 2020.

The past 3 months feel like a decade! So much has happened just in the past couple of months, and here we are amidst a global pandemic.

COVID-19 is changing the food system as we know drastically — how we shop, grow, and consume. The Great Bubonic Plague was the last pandemic that had a major impact on food and dramatically increasing livestock and farmlands.

Do check out the Corona spotlight, an ongoing series where we discuss how things change in the food system as we know them today.

As always, wash your hands, stay home, and make yourselves some delicious meals.
Stay Curious (and safe),
Anusha & Elizabeth

Source: The Counter Punch

Hunger Games: Food Abundance and Twisted Truths

Counter Punch

“Helping farmers” and “Feeding the world” are common narratives pro-GMO lobby hides behind. But India doesn’t need GE technology to improve its food security — it needs a way to restore its food sovereignty.

Hunger in Abundance

Source: Unsplash

Where do your mangoes come from?

Economic Times

It might be a little early for the mango season here. But not if your mangoes don’t come from India. Where did Mumbai’s Alphonsos come from last year?

Mangoing in Malawi

How we eat, shop, and make food has changed drastically while we’re amidst this global pandemic. How exactly?

🍳Cooking in the times of coronavirus and social distancing
The Goya Journal

🍗Is it safe to eat chicken? How about eating in Chinese restaurants? CNTraveller

🚜Will the outbreak actually improve India’s Agri Exports? KrishiJagran

📦Ordering food in the times of corona Atlantic

🍕Food Delivery: Inspiring zero contact

🌿Ministry of Ayush pushes “traditional cure” as the medical council backs modern drugs.


🌾FCI and state agencies are not equipped to store large amounts of wheat for longer periods of time — and we have a bumper wheat crop.

🍽What are restaurants doing in unique ways to cut down food waste? #StopFoodWaste

🥥iD’s grated coconut and its quest for innovation and sustainable packaging.


Tejal Rao’s 10 Essential Indian Recipes
From Matar Kachori to Meen Gassi here are food writer Tejal Rao’s 10 essential (and delicious) Indian recipe picks

Reading women through their recipes
“We read not just recipes, but how these recipes interact to form a judgement based on taste. And these judgements are deeply rooted in our social origin.”

Fresh out of F&B
Personalization and creativity in the age of pre-mix sauces at restaurants.

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