Edible Issues: A quick look back at 2020🌟

2020 was a strange year for all of us (although it still feels like December 39, 2020 in many ways). 

We experimented with many event formats and met so many of you, who we otherwise wouldn’t have!

We’re a stronger collective now than we have ever been and are looking forward to kickstarting some exciting projects with our community in 2021. 

Meanwhile, here’s a quick look back of 2020 with some of our favourites!

Stay Curious,
Anusha & Elizabeth
Different ways we met people in 2020

While 2019 was the year of offline, 2020 of course like everybody else took us online. But we mixed things up and tried to keep our formats fresh and interesting and also made new friends along the way πŸ’“

Cooking, Culture, and COVID-19

Just stepping into the pandemic and lockdown in the mid of March, forced us to rethink our relationships with food. How do we shop, cook, and eat now being locked down and socially distanced from each other?To answer this question, we sat down for some virtual chai with about 20+ people to understand how their buying, cooking, and eating habits had changed. Read more.

Mapping your SambarA fun collaborative & speculative mapping exercise with Urban Design Collective, where we crowd sourced ingredients for a Sambar. Assuming the dish was prepared in Chennai we looked at possible growing regions these ingredients could have come from. Read more.

A virtual cook-alongWith the launch of our new project Who Feeds Bengaluru in collaboration with Shivani Unakar, we hosted many virtual cook-alongs which has been one of our most favourite event formats till date. We discovered a new level of intimacy with our guests as we virtually entered their kitchens and cooked-alongside them in their kitchens and shared stories.

Cooking together virtually, helped all of us develop and establish that safe space and led to us having some important conversations around food and culture. 

A virtual ela-saapaduYes we had many virtual dinners in 2020, but this was our first ela-saapadu where we collaborated with Bengaluru Oota Company to curate a menu of fruit based recipes. It was an evening with insightful conversations around food and nutrition in India. 

Understanding the food system

We also sent out 10 issues of our newsletter, with articles centered around various aspects of the Indian food system.

Do go read if you’re looking for some weekend reading!And finally, If you read this far, thank you so much for being one of our patrons. Have a wonderful 2021 ✨