#62 — Women On The Frontlines, Shark Meat, Culinary Colonisation, And More


We thrive because we are inspired,
By each other leading the way,
By those on the frontlines of the farmers’ protests,
By those bent backs in the field all day,

By those making a mark for themselves,
In an increasingly male-dominated industry,
By those fighting oppression at home,
As primary caretakers, sans gratuity,

And for those who fight silently, 
Every single day,
For every single thing,
We have one thing to say,

We see you,
We support you,
We respect you,
We stand by you.

Stay Curious.
Anusha & Elizabeth

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Forgotten Food: The Eenthu Panna tree’s seeds contain the story of cuisine, culture and its custodians

In this series, Jehan Nizar breaks down the Eenthu Panna, a wild edible which is also a star ingredient in the Mappila cuisine.

Enthu about Eenthu

Image Source: Scroll

In maps: India’s vulnerable children are paying the price of upper-caste prejudice with their bodies

“India is perhaps the only country where cow’s milk is considered to be vegetarian, but sterilised chicken eggs are mistaken to be non-vegetarian”. writes Swati Narayan in this compilation about mid-day meals in schools.

A litre of milk, a bucket of water

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On Farmer Bills & Farmers

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Sustainable Production & Consumption

A Vision for Sustainable Consumption in the Future, Rooted in Tradition
Snapshots from Nagaland, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh to better understand how we can repair our relationships with food systems.

The Bastion

Fake Meat, Real Profits
“Meat imitation technologies can deliver staggering profits and act as a lever to transition from a destructive animal diet — but we must recognize that those two potentialities are necessarily in conflict.”

The Baffler

We Need an Agroecological Revolution
Agroecology is a set of practices that integrates ecological principles into agriculture. But Agroecology is more than just a series of techniques — it’s a philosophy and a broad commitment to improve society. 


Eating shark meat might be normal in India but it could have an adverse impact
While some conservationists feel that awareness about the type of shark meat will help in conserving them, others feel an overhaul of fisheries management is the only way for a sustainable future for sharks.


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Culinary Colonisation: Fast Food and Big Pharma in India (2019)

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Women lead the way✊

How Prohibition came to Andhra Pradesh,
and how it’s going. FiftyTwo

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Food & Culture

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