#70 — Dairy Diaries, Clim-Ate Struggles, and #PricesCrisis


India’s agricultural system has seen a lot of uncertainty this past year, with many struggles and a few triumphs.

The Farm Laws being repealed have led to different stakeholders learning different lessons. Some about strength in numbers, justice, and defiance, the others about compromise and humility. But the dance of democracy never stops.

On the other hand, the urgency of climate change is still to sink deep enough to shake the bones we rest on. Prices are volatile, and crop yields are uncertain. These burdens still break the backs of those who grow food for our nation.

And as policies and markets fluctuate, we also circle back to the issue of Edible Oils, our focus for these few weeks. We continue to explore how these vital groups of ingredients impact our country’s biodiversity, markets, nutrition, and much more. Join us?

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Farmer Struggles:
The past, the present, and the future

The controversial farm laws have been repealed. While most breathe a sigh of relief, what does this mean for the farmers, and say about the government? And in the end, what has India truly learned?

From the Pagari Sambhal Jatta to Now, How India’s Farmers’ Movements Have Evolved
The Wire

The Anatomy of a Successful Protest, or How the Farmers Won Their Fight
The Wire

Farm laws rollback leaves edible oil industry in the lurch
Economic Times

The India Fix: Despite being India’s most powerful PM in decades, why did Modi fail on farm laws?

Will India’s digital push in agriculture help farmers or help exploit them?


The Unfinished Dream Behind Amul’s Foray into the Chocolate Industry
The Wire

B.M. Vyas and Manu Kaushik talk about Amul, India’s giant dairy cooperative based out of Gujarat, and its tumultuous journey through the chocolate industry. They further shed light on the influences of farmers, ministers, policies, and international behemoths, all that help shape the cooperative into what it is today, and will be tomorrow.

Dairy Diaries

Clim-Ate 🌍
Climate Change needs urgent action. How do we go about this?

Financing sustainable agriculture key to address climate change vulnerability: Report.
Opportunities, Challenges, and The Way Forward.
What do farmers need for a successful transition to sustainable practices?

After Years of Drought, Pampore Has ‘Bumper’ Saffron Crop.
The Scent of Saffron in Parampore.
Cultivators rejoice after multiple cycles of failed crops.

‘The Food You Throw Away Impacts the Weather Outside Your Window’.
800 million people are forced to sleep hungry at night.
How is climate change likely to amplify this crisis, and what are the coping strategies that we can adopt?

A solution to India’s stubble burning and climate change problems is growing around its cities.
The Power of Regenerative Agriculture.
What interventions are needed to move to restorative agriculture practices, that also fulfill the goals of equity and food security?

The Great Organic Food Fraud

Set in the United States of America, Ian Parker writes about Randy Constant’s exploitation of our trust in labels. What parallels can we draw for India?

Illustration by Tyler Comrie; Source photograph from Getty
Organic Woes

🔦Job Spotlight

👩‍🌾📍 #Bangalore
Spudnik Farms is a B2C agri-tech company that secures a sustainable livelihood for smallholding farmers, while providing quality produce with complete traceability to consumers in Bangalore.

They are currently looking for a marketing executive who can make outbound marketing and sales calls to get new subscriptions, cross-sell product offerings to existing subscribers, liaise with Accounts and Customer Support for quick, hassle-free sign-ups, and more.

Interested candidates may send their CVs to spudnikfarms@gmail.com.

Mis-Steak 🥩
As waves of change sweep the nation, we are increasingly turning away from meat. A lasting impact can be felt on community politics, nutrition, and food markets. Read about some developments in this space.

Haldiram’s and BVeg Foods set up with GFI India support are putting Plant Protein at the Centre of the food plate for Indian consumers

Trying to steer away from meat, but craving those Kheema Samosas? You now have your fix.

(Image: Haldiram’s)

Indian Railways will soon be serving only vegetarian food in some trains

“Sattvik Certified” travel makes its way to different travel routes as the IRCTC plans on promoting “vegetarian-friendly” travel.

(Image: iStock)

Indian city to remove non-vegetarian food stalls from main roads

Ahmedabad is the fourth city in Gujarat to order the removal of non-vegetarian stalls from main roads. Some claim that the move advocates respect, while others share their concerns over the divisiveness of such moves.

(Image: Manjunath Kiran/AFP)


Sugar Factory (Image: Shutterstock)

🛢️ Cooking Oils Resume Upward March
The Economic Times

🐂 Bullish sentiments in sugar avert agitation over cane price in Maharashtra.
The Economic Times

🍅The new petrol: Tomato now at Rs 100/kg in Delhi and Chennai as prices soar due to unseasonal rains
The Economic Times

☕ Coffee growers cite losses due to rains, seek rescheduling of bank loans
The Economic Times

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Food, Culture, and History

An excerpt from ‘A Fish in Alien Streams: The Incredible Journey of the Trout in India’, by Herjinder

How and why the first attempt to bring the trout into India from England failed

Artisanal cheese producers talk about how India’s demand for cheese platters has surged, and the likelihood of a market boom in the coming few years.

Swapping paneer for pecorino: India gets taste for European cheeses
Photograph: Antonio Calanni/AP

How the seafaring Portuguese settled in Bandel and evolved the landscape of Bengali sweetmeats.

How sweet, Portuguese
Image: TOI

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