It’s impossible to talk about anything at all without coming back to the current events. But it’s heartwarming to see how we’ve all assumed roles and organized ourselves virtually.

Food is the invisible thread that’s connecting all of us together. Chefs have opened up their kitchen to us literally, farmers have began directly supplying to people, some of us have began growing our own food, and most of us have stepped into the kitchens with new found determination.

Be it the ritual of gathering around the table with your family, or virtually catching up with friends over a meal, it’s all reinstating the power of food in our lives.

It’s the perfect time to think about our relationships with food, learn about the important role we as consumers play in the food value chain, about those who struggle to put food on our tables.

How can we make smart food choices that help people, the planet and ourselves?Stay Curious (and safe),
Anusha & Elizabeth

P.S. With the current dynamic situation, stories are rapidly evolving. Please re-check the date of publishing for relevancy before you share an article.

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Covid-19 and food security: Lessons for Indian Agriculture

MS Swaminathan (as told to Nitya Rao)

Eminent agricultural scientist and the man behind the Green Revolution,
MS Swaminathan talks about agricultural diversity and strengthening the community during the COVID times.

Time for the next Green Revolution

How might we empower communities to establish food sovereignty in India?

Edible Issues

We had the incredible opportunity to host the Indian chapter of the World Earth Day 24-hr virtual marathon in association with Future Food Institute and FAO — Food and Agriculture Organization. Watch the entire panel on Youtube below.

#GoodAfterCOVID Food Sovereignty in India

Ensuring food security for India

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and holds promise
Indian Express

🌾Thoughts from Anand Mahindra on ensuring food security
for Urban India

🌽How farmers of Assam are staring at starvation
Pratidin Time

🥕COVID-19: What fiscal steps are needed to ensure food security?
Down to Earth

🚜Maximizing food security in post COVID India.
Money Control

🌍The pandemic is teaching people one important lesson,
Grow Your Own Food


Shoutout to Harvesting Farmer Network,enablers helping farmers market their produce to buyers directly during the pandemic.

🌾Economic losses to farmers and why now more than ever, Agriculture Matters?


Nonnas of the world, unite!

Taste the Globe with recipes from
an all grandmother kitchen crew in
New York’s Enoteca Maria

Has the pandemic pushed more men into the Indian kitchen?
It’s 21st century and women still carry most of the domestic
burden. More men in the Indian kitchen is great, but please clean up after!

Comfort in the times of COVID

Getting through the pandemic together with some company in the kitchen is definitely something we could use. Online food communities do that and a lot more.

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