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29th September 2018


Last weekend we were at the world of culture food and ideas at Terra Madre.

It was an incredibly inspiring space to talk, exchange values and beliefs that might inspire a change in the food system.

Here’s some food for thought from what we saw:

1. “We have drifted so far into a system that is focused on economic efficiency that it doesn’t meet the needs of people anymore”.
The focus on economies of scale in our food system is often seen as a solution to feed the millions of people that are hungry. We often seem to forget that smaller communities with a dynamic food network are those actually meeting the needs of the people (more than just feeding them) and harmonizing with the environment as well.

2. “The thing about feeding the world is that we need smaller more diverse options”
Food system models that work in the Nordic countries are not the same as the ones that Asia can adopt. Our understanding of food issues needs to be more community based whose scope may be replicated in different to suit & different contexts.

3. “If you don’t have a cow, don’t come to the cattle meeting” 
Do countries with lesser carbon impact not have a say in the conversation just because they don’t pollute as much? There is a lot to learn from smaller communities, even in emerging economies. Big economies with bigger issues might have a big voice, but not always the sustainable solution.

What’s your view on this?

Stay curious,
Elizabeth & Anusha

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Published on 29th September 2018