#28:  Productivity tips from the kitchen, Zomato’s farm-fork strategy and more



The year is almost at its end. Everyone’s rushing to finish off those pending tasks and check those lists (at least we are)

It’s hard most times to stay organized, and even though we each have our own methods they sometimes work and most times don’t. (Netflix, yes I’m blaming you)

How can we learn from the experts of productivity? No, I’m not talking about Fast Company’s secrets of 13 of the world’s most productive people.

I’m referring to the kitchen team cooking at your favourite restaurant. They get their prep done, work clean and deliver an efficient service and what’s best, you love their food and probably eat the same dish, repeatedly.

Chefs don’t really have the option to procrastinate or set unrealistic deadlines, well, if they did we wouldn’t be going back to our favourite restaurants.

Mise-en-place, self-discipline, teamwork, organization, being a better manager are some skills Dan Charnas talks about in his book “Everything in Its Place

If you might procrastinate (like me) to read the book, this podcast is easy to listen, it has notes too. (there is no excuse now!)

Stay Productive,
Elizabeth and Anusha

“Mise-en-place is not a crazy efficiency program. It is really a way of life for people who value themselves, people, each other, and the planet”

Source: First Post

Balancing India’s food demands and climate change: First Post

India is on the right track for working towards climate change. But to balance the increasing food demands and to cut down emissions, we need more innovation in food production.

Source: Unsplash

Kerala Govt. prioritizes the health of citizens, declares war on trans fat in junk food: The Better India

Kerala is setting dietary guidelines to ensure healthy eating among its citizens. With this move, the health department & food safety wing of Kerala hope to fight against the risks of metabolic syndrome.






Small steps towards sustainability:
Ecozen Solutions from India wins Rabobank’s inaugural Food Loss Challenge Asia.

Oops, iDid it again:
Meet P.C. Musthafa, the breakfast king.

Something from the past:
How Karachi’s pickle street is preserving the past.

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