#4 — On feeding a billion people and more..


What is India Eating?

What will India be eating? With farmers giving up on crops because of dropping prices or unpredicted weather forecasts tearing through hectares of fields and months of hard work, who and what will feed India’s 1.32 billion people? Contrary to popular belief, most of India isn’t vegetarian! We revisit statistics to understand current food consumption trends through social and cultural contexts. Do these generalized stereotypes create food habits that are culture-political and rationalize violence that could potentially alter and create new food identities? The number of women in agriculture is increasing but their identities are being marginalized.

With major economic disparities, we see a phenomenon of defeminisation co-existing in parallel with feminism in agricultural India. The weather forecast for this issue seems bleak. But as unpredictable as the weather, Big Basket, one of India’s biggest online grocery stores is experimenting with an offline model. Possibilities of little sunshine ahead as we see more funding in the agri-tech and the food delivery space. With all this, we can’t help but be optimistic about India’s food supply. Stay Positive,

Anusha and Elizabeth

Got Beef?
 The Wire
 Who holds the power in deciding what a nation of 1.3 billion people eat? An anthropological breakdown on eating across caste and cultures.

Off line, On Track

Inc 42
 With the launch of its recent offline kiosks, Big Basket is experimenting with omnichannel delivery. Looks like its all set to compete with Amazon Go as the grocery-delivery wars heat up.

Painting the Lakes Red

The News Minute Tamil Nadu farmers have been dumping freshly harvested tomatoes into lakes post price drops. Lack of cold storage facilities is just one reason behind this colossal waste.

It’s Raining Money

Your Story Just when you thought the food delivery space in India couldn’t get any interesting, Zomato has raised funds from Alibaba’s affiliate Ant Financial. What’s in store for Zomato next?

Spilt Milk

Down to Earth Dairy farmers in the neighbouring states of Karnataka have increased milk yield but are making lesser money than before. The reason? State-backed Karnataka Milk Federation.

More Funding in Farmville

Inc 42 The recent raise fundraise for startup Gramophone, cements the spurt in investor-interest in the agri-tech space. Bringing agronomic intelligence to more farmers isn’t the only thing Gramophone plans to do.

Defeminisation of Indian Agriculture
 Down to Earth

While statistics state that farmers are migrating from rural to urban areas, they fail to mention that the women in the household are taking over the lands. Unfortunately, this acquisition of land comes with lower wages, unavailability of credit & agricultural schemes and more economic inequality.

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Originally published at tinyletter.com/edibleissues on March 07, 2018